When we launched in February we had an already established blend in Barnraiser that worked it's magic and had done for as long as James had been roasting it. The heavy chocolate led flavours we get out of this blend needed a partner in crime, something brighter and lighter to offer our customers and prospective customers.

We came up with what we initially called Heart & Graft Espresso. A blend that had caramel sweet notes with a good deal of brighter citric acidity. This worked for us for a while but there seemed to be a nagging feeling that we needed to change and evolve again fairly quickly.

James and I soon came to the realisation that we both wanted to do the same thing. We wanted to use what we called "Heart & Graft Espresso" as a testing ground and playground to get experimental with coffee.

And thus High Road Espresso has been born. This coffee is all about harnessing everything that is beautiful in coffee. Our brief is fairly broad taste wise. It must be sweet, clean in the finish and be bright in it's acidity. Other than that anything goes! From month to month the flavour profile will change slightly around this broader profile, showcasing the depth and breadth of flavours the coffee world has to offer.

Typically it will be whatever single origin we cup at HQ and like the best. Or maybe it will be a particular blend that we like. Who knows, all we know is that it will always be taking advantage of using the best ingredients the seasons have to offer. We hope you enjoy the ride!!