Back in June I wrote a small blog post about the growth of Manchester, obviously focusing on coffee. 4 months on and it has become even more pronounced in my mind of a real shift in the quality and care going into sourcing better coffee by many places that would a year ago have served the cheapest possible beans. 

Business at Heart and Graft is much the same. We are still sourcing coffees that we love, roasting them well and delivering them to our lovely customer base. Business is growing alongside the cities growth and life is good. 

My thoughts have gone onto Manchester's style of coffee. The general trend is upward; moving upward to serve better coffee, more care in training baristas and generally an attitude to coffee that is more considered. 

Will Manchester be swept up along in the general trend of speciality coffee across the UK or will it forge it's own path in the coffee world?

I have no idea, although if history is anything to go by Manchester is used to forging it's own path.