It was a while since the last blog post. 2015 kind of took off on a trajectory we couldn't predict, we sourced, roasted and packed a lot of coffee.


As well as growing as a roastery we also learnt a lot. We've both been around coffee a while so know a few things, we also don't know a lot. Every week should be a journey of learning and development. Development is an interesting thing to us roasters. To us it would be finding the newest, most complex or unique coffees.


One thing that has consistently come up in the past year has been the need for stability and consistency. Countless businesses we work with want great coffee, that's a given when working with speciality roasters. More and more we see people needing  super reliable delicious espresso.


It almost seems counter intuitive to us but constant boundary pushing and flavour development isn't always the most important. Sometimes it is being able to deliver an awesome product week in week out.


Of course we will always push boundaries and try to stretch our abilities as roasters, it's why we do what we do. But we will also always be dedicated to delivering the specific flavour profiles you love, week in week out