We Love You, Miriam Perez!

Miriam is a fourth generation coffee farmer, a women's rights activist, pioneer of bio-dynamic farming and the Fair Trade representative for Central America.

Her natural process coffees produce such a boozy and fruity and sweet coffee, its incredibly distinctive and is a favourite of ours either espresso or filter.

There is a real sense of tasting the place with this coffee...it just really tastes like somewhere warm and abundant and beautiful! 

Miriam says the secret to her natural processing being so good is that it is all done on her farm. Growing up there, she has developed instincts for what the coffee needs and how draw out all the flavours from those lush red cherries.

Miriam is one of the founders of the awesome COMSA coop in Marcala, Honduras. They have been teaching and demonstrating organic farming techniques for twenty years and now have over 1500 farmers farming organically or making the transition. All the organic fertiliser is produced by COMSA recycling waste produced in processing coffee and using natural microorganisms from the local area. Its a beautiful thing!

We were buzzing when she came to visit us in Manchester last year. She hosted a cupping and gave a talk and was just such an inspiration about making effective use of organic farming to help combat climate change. 

 It was only a flying visit, she had been at a Fair Trade conference inCardiff, so thought she'd fly back to Honduras from Manchester, so popped up on the train to say hi!



I love this picture of her giving the processing details of her coffees to Mike! 

And there's something very meta about her filling bags of coffee with her face on the front!


The work that she and her husband do with COMSA is so very inspiring and they have been very influential to us all as a team here in Manchester, give them a google. Also, the coffees she produces are world class, our most popular single origin and a firm favourite with H&G regulars. Buy her coffees and part of her awesome organic mission!