Come and see us!

Heart and Graft Coffee Shop

70 Yorkshire St, M3 5EG

Monday-Friday 0730-1530


As coffee roastery, we wanted a place where you can come and try our coffees, and understand why we choose the ones we do. We're really proud of the beans that we roast and now you can come and taste and buy our whole range in the shop, along with brewing equipment and very helpful advice and brewing tips from Ashleigh and Josh, our ace baristas who are very good at listening and understanding what beans you need or the best bit of kit for you to brew great coffee at home.

We also have our lovely and cosy plant bedecked coffee shop to sit and work in, meet or while away some time with a delicious brew. We do unlimited sourdough toast for £3.50, along with some proper hearty sandwiches, and loads of locally baked cakes!

Coffee shops have been places in which some fantastic discussions, societies, movements and even revolutions have started...liquid networks of lightbulb moments, sparked by coffee, fuelled by caffeine and sustained by the power of people in community. This is our place to join in that great tradition!

Look out for: 

  • Workshops on how to brew better coffee at home
  • Themed tasting evenings
  •  Discussions on sustainability, coffee farming and the coffee trade

More details on those soon...see you for a brew and some parkin!