Chataeu 76: Ethiopia Kochere Debo

  • Chataeu 76: Ethiopia Kochere Debo
  • Chataeu 76: Ethiopia Kochere Debo
Region Kochere
Farm Debo
Variety Locally Selected
MASL / Altitude 1900-2100
Process Washed
Tasting Notes Blackcurrant Jam, Cassis, Blackcurrant Leaf

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We love Ethiopian coffee here at H&G. Floral, delicate and elegant coffee with bright citrus acidity and a light finish. That's what we usually expect from washed Ethiopian coffees and we love it when they deliver.

This coffee is not that. If you want to try that go here to our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Wote Konga

May we introduce to you Ethiopian Kochere Debo.

We tried to find lots of notes and hints of different flavours in this coffee on the cupping table. We tried to find those delicate green herbal notes. We tried to find stone fruit and delicate honeyed characteristics that would make this a beautifully nuanced and complex cup.

Instead we found blackcurrant. Lots and lots of different ways to taste black currant. We aren't dealing with tart and sharp fresh blackcurrants. The acidity is like sticky and sweet blackcurrant jam. The sweetness is reminiscent of creme de cassis, which gives the cup quite a significant amount of body also. Finally the finish has a lovely herbal blackcurrant leaf edge to it, giving a complexity and elegance to lift this big sweet jammy monster to a higher level.

In conclusion this one is a real gem. An enzymatic rarity with huge amounts of character.