Chateau 76: Kenya Kagumoini

  • Chateau 76: Kenya Kagumoini
  • Chateau 76: Kenya Kagumoini
Region Nyeri - Central Kenya
Farms 1500
Variety SL28, SL34, BATIAN, RUIRU 11
MASL / Altitude 1220 - 2300
Process Washed
Tasting Notes Blackcurrant, Bramble, Vanilla Sugar


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Kenya Kagumoini is a returning favourite...and once again offers all that is remarkable and elegant in top class Kenyan coffee. Both our Kenyans are from the Nyeri region, which is in central Kenya, at the eastern end of the Great Rift Valley, between the Abedare mountain range and the foothills of Mount Kenya.

This means the 1500 farmers of the Mugaga Farmers Co-operative Society have farms that range from 1220m-2300m contributing to the wonderful complexity of this coffee. The cool climate and rich red volcanic soil allow the coffee to grow slowly, drawing up nutrients and minerals that produce the potential for some beautiful flavours.

As a roaster, great Kenyas are a joy to roast, they are immaculately processed and consistent and offer the opportunity to choose from a range of flavour profiles. Some coffees have a particular sweet spot to hit, but great Kenyans taste awesome from the lighter end of a roast, through to the medium dark end. Our style at H&G is to highlight the complexity of a coffee, revealing those precious fruity flavours, whilst also developing sweetness, pleasing mouthfeel and good body. Its a fine line to balance, but these precious coffees are worth the effort.

The Kagumoini hits a lovely blackcurrant note, whist developing light vanilla sweetness, with the body giving that lovely sensation of a mouthful of vanilla sugar. There is no bad way to brew this coffee! It’s exceptional as an espresso, filter, aeropress, french press… just all the ways. The layers of complex acidity, and sweet viscous body are there to be enjoyed, whichever brew method you use!