Chataeu 77: Uganda Nyakisoroza

  • Chataeu 77
  • Uganda Nyakisoroza Washed
Region Kigezi, South Western Uganda
Farms 25 Small Holdings
Variety SL28
MASL / Altitude 1900-2000
Process Washed
Tasting Notes Cocoa, Cooked Cranberry, Pear


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Our pals at Olam coffee put this sample our way and asked for our thoughts on it. Sourced from the South Western corner of Uganda the coffee is from a region that is not typically associated with high quality arabica. The Kanungu district is usually home to poor quality coffee and is one of the poorest districts in Uganda.

On tasting this coffee we were blown away by it's complexity and depth of flavour. The amount of flavours we were able to pick out were staggering. So far so good, the coffee was great.

Secondly the Olam guys told us this came from Gorilla Summit Development. These guys are awesome and do amazing work apart from improving coffee quality. Gorilla Summit pays well over the local cherry market price to their farmers in return for their highest quality coffee, and has built a dedicated wet mill to ensure this quality is maintained throughout the production chain. The profits they make are also fed back into the local community through education and health initiatives. They work directly with 6 primary schools in the area and provide free healthcare to all the communities they work with.

A coffee that tastes awesome and allows the people who sell it to help their community? Of course we were gonna buy it!

In the cup this one is lovely. Big bright cranberry acidity bursts on your palate. The finish is crisp and has a lovely white pear note to it. The body is big and rounded, with lots of deep cocoa richness to balance out the fruited overtones this coffee has in abundance.