Crazyhorse: China Banka Natural

  • Crazyhorse: China Banka Natural
  • Crazyhorse: China Banka Natural
Region Menglian, Yunnan
Farms Banka
Variety Catimor
MASL / Altitude 1350
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Red Plum, Red Grape, Chocolate Ganache


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Our first ever coffee from China and it's a beauty! Our mates at IndoChina coffee have been working tirelessly with producer groups from East and South East Asia on improving coffee quality and sustainable practices within producer groups. This work means that each year we cup better and better coffees and get to roast them for you lovely folk. Also it means that farmers and producers get more money per kilo of coffee each year and can grow their business and secure a sustainable livelihood in coffee farming. Winner winner!

The Banka Natural comes to us courtesy of Yunnan Coffee Traders (YCT for short). They own the Banka wet mill where this coffee is processed and also part of Banka farm. This start to finish model means that quality is tightly controlled, monitored and recorded to ensure that delicious coffees can be grown and processed consistently. The use of an optical sorter (a machine that sorts coffee cherries by colour, thus ripeness) means that lots can be separated by quality and sold separately. This level of sorting means that the price per kg going back to the folks who do the hard graft of growing increases and rightfully so.

In the cup this one is subtle. Our mate DJ tried some when picking up his last order from the roastery and said "That's just straight down the line that." he took a second sip and said "oh.....". That's what this coffee is all about. It isn't going to smack you in the chops with bags of fruit and bold flavours. It's going to draw you in with layers and layers of complexity. There's a lovely red plum note to it, not sharp and bright but the jammy stickiness you get from plums that are insanely ripe. This is complimented by a red grape like acidity, think more the slightly tannic finish of grape skins rather than the flesh of the grape. All rounded off with a big old rich dollop of chocolate ganache in the finish to give lots of depth and heft to the brew. Recipes for both filter and espresso brewing are below:

Filter Sage Precision Brewer:

  • 1.2l of water
  • 75g
  • 'Gold setting'
  • Pour into a warmed cup and enjoy


  • 19g coffee in
  • 36g coffee out
  • 40 seconds (brew this one big and long for a mega intense hit!)

In summary this is a beautifully unique coffee from an origin that is not massively well known for coffee. Grab a bag and try something a bit unusual on your next order!