Loveshack: Brazil Monte Carmelo Eagle

Region Cerrado de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm Various
Variety Mundo Novo, Catuai
MASL / Altitude 800-1350
Process Pulped Natural  and Natural
Tasting Notes Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate


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Loveshack is back! This one has all the sweetness you could ever want from a coffee. Think a big old slab of pecan pie to start. SLap some peanut butter on top of that pie and then grate some milk chocolate over the top of that and you are close. Through milk the chocolate notes are enhanced, black there is a touch of sweet lemon bonbons in the finish.

Our friends at Olam have come up with some excellent Brazilian coffees in recent years, finding fantastic producer groups to work with. This Monte Carmelo blend of multiple farms and estates is something we have used as the base for our Barnraiser and 60/40 espresso blends for a few years, giving these blends their buttery chocolate base. However this year we decided it's tasting so great that we should run it on it's own.

Olam have written an interesting little blog post you can find here about the history of coffee in Brazil, along with some information about the Eagle Group this lot comes from which you can find here

For espresso we find this one brews best at 20g in to 38g out, within 30-32 seconds, releasing that big sweet hit of sugars and balanced acidity.

Otherwise French Press this bad boy with the papers and some nice tunes whilst the weather is good.