Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9

  • Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9
  • Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9
  • Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9
  • Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9
  • Mystere et Prestige: India Ratragiri Selection 9
Region Bababudangiri in the South Indian Western Ghats
Farm Ratanagiri Estate
Variety Selection 9
MASL / Altitude 1280-1417
Process Honey
Tasting Notes Dried Fig, Dark Chocolate, Molasses


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India is a waking giant in specialty coffee. It has always been a large producer of both Arabica and Robusta coffee, the sixth largest in the world. In recent years there has been a drive to improve quality and traceability to help farmers get the price they deserve for their coffees and create added value to the coffees produced.

In the cup this one is a bit of a tale of two halves. The dry grounds on the nose give off a big old hit of chocolate, a little touch of fresh rolling tobacco and an overall warmth to the fragrance. So far so good for a coffee from India. However, hit this one with some hot water, let it brew up and it opens up into a deliciously swirling mass of darker fruit flavours and viscous molasses goodness. Tasting this we got that beautifully concentrated and dense sweetness that you get with dried figs. Grab a pack of fig rolls to enjoy with this one and you’ll see what we mean. This is all backed up with a big old scoop of sticky molasses sweetness, some hints of tamarind and a soft cooked plum acidity. It all combines for something incredibly special and darn tasty. Don’t forget the fig rolls.

Our friends at Olam Speciality based just down the M62 in Liverpool are helping to drive this with their EKA project, alongside the Coffee Board of India.

“Eka is the Hindi word for ‘one’, and so our EKA projects follows: single estate, single varietal, single region and unique processing to help farmers diversify their production and provide roasters with access to ground breaking new coffees from India’s richest coffee region” (From Olam Speciality Sustainability Report 2019/20)

Ratnagiri translates as “Pearl Mountain”, so called because the estate is nestled in hills topped with silver birch. The abundance of forest forms a unique three tier forest canopy rich with biodiversity. This then creates a habitat for wildlife, birds and insects, stimulating cross pollination and naturally well fed soil. These conditions are fantastic for growing coffee and also allow some great potential for various fermentations, adding depth of character and flavour.

By separating the lots on the farm into their different varietals, we have a chance to taste what these well established Indian arabica types taste like, with the Selection 9 and Cauvery offering us different flavour nuances from the same estate.

Brew Recipes


Filter - French Press

  • 35g of coffee
  • 500ml of water just off the boil
  • 4 minute brew time

A syrupy body with flavour of plums, tamatind and dreid figs.


  • 19g dose
  • 42ml out
  • 26 second shot time

We tasted big, round and jammy. Flavour of tamarind, fig rolls and dark chocolate.