The Miriam Perez Collection

  • The Miriam Perez Collection
  • The Miriam Perez Collection
Region El Cerrón and El Rincón, Marcala.
Farms Clave De Sol, Las Tres Marias Microlots
Variety Icatu, Catuai
MASL / Altitude 1300-1560
Process Natural, Black Honey, Red Honey
Tasting Notes So Many!!!!!


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250g of all 3 Miriam Perez Microlots for £24!


In case you haven't already heard about her from us, the nice lady in the picture above is Miriam Perez. Farmer, innovator and most importantly our dear friend!

Miriam and her husband Rodolfo were two of the founders of the extraordinary COMSA coop, and working in harmony with the land and nature is a philosophy that they live and breathe on a daily basis. Not just a worthy idea, if everyone did a little bit of the same it would save the planet. It also produces some of the worlds most awesome coffees. 

This box set contains a 250g bag of each of the microlots we chose to roast this year. The massive fruit forward Natural mircolot, the jammy cocoa heavy Black Honey microlot and the crystal clear Red Honey Microlot. This box set is a rare opportunity to see how processing and handling after growing effects the cup profile of a coffee from the same growing conditions, allowing you to sample and taste these massive ranges of flavour side by side.

Detailed write ups and the chance to buy further bags of a particular favourite are available on the links below:

We love all of them. Thanks Miriam!

Miriam Perez