Crazyhorse: Peru Carloman Carranza

  • Crazyhorse: Peru Carloman Carranza
  • Crazyhorse: Peru Carloman Carranza
  • Crazyhorse: Peru Carloman Carranza
Region Jaen, Peru
Farmer Carloman Carranza
MASL / Altitude 1400 - 1600
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Cherry, Red apple, Vanilla, Milk Choc


We have very fond memories of a coffee we had from near the Peruvian town of Jaen four years ago, wanted one for ages, so its lush to have this beaut in! 

Natural processing can be a tricky affair for farmers who have grown up with more traditional wet processing, but Carloman has nailed this one! It'll be delicious as an Aeropress or espresso, to really get into those juicy sweet flavours. 

Even on a light roast, there is a sugary cherry ripeness and milk chocolate creaminess to this coffee, making it very moreish. Its really well structured, with a nice clean acidity at the start, then all that cherry choc sweetness and a constant underlying fruity funk from the natural process. 

Its a delight to get a real sense of place with this coffee, its familiar to the one we had previously, but also distinct and up a few notches with its clarity and complexity. 

Carloman Carranza is part of the Jumarp cooperative in Northern Peru, set up in 2003 with farmers joining together to improve standards in coffee quality, equality and sustainability. We've bought this coffee through the Algrano platform, which links farmers to a marketplace of speciality coffee roasters, THANKS GUYS!

Its an amazing thing to be part of a slow burning coffee revolution in which coffee farmers can access information and technology and build relationships, forming co-ops and opening up access to a market that values their craft. We very much buzz off buying from entrepreneurial farmers and being able to link them to you by roasting it so you can enjoy the fruits of their skill and hard work!