Rwanda Mugonero

  • Rwanda Mugonero
  • Rwanda Mugonero
  • 1kg Rwanda Mugonero
Region Nyamasheke District, Western Province
Farm 482 Farmers/Collectors at Mugonero Wet Mill
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude (MASL) 1800-2000
Process Double Ferment Wet
Tasting Notes Ripe Plum, Butterscotch, Sweet Herb Finish


Oooh this coffee. It oozes class, beautifully demonstrating what great Rwanda coffees do so well, balancing a creamy deep body with lush acidity that hits you from the first sip. This area in Western Kenya around Lake Kivu offers a great array of stellar coffees. But when we went to try a selection over at awesome African coffee importers Schluters, the Mugonero shone out. The dense body and rich juicy stewed fruit acidity really made it stand out. It's a joy however it's brewed, but makes an exceptional espresso.

A straightforward 19g in 27/30 secs 34/36 out offers a superb bright and balanced shot.