Loveshack - El Salvador Las Mercedes Cuscatleco

  • Loveshack - El Salvador Las Mercedes Cuscatleco
  • Loveshack - El Salvador Las Mercedes Cuscatleco
  • Loveshack - El Salvador Las Mercedes Cuscatleco
Region San Salvador Volcan
Farm Finca Las Mercesdes
Variety Custcatleco
MASL / Altitude 1400-1450
Process Honey
Tasting Notes Pink Grapefruit, Honey, Baker's Chocolate


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We cupped a range of potential Loveshack coffees, and this one made us a little bit weak at the knees! It's viscous and sweet like honey with a juicy body. It's very well structured, with tropical fruit nuances of pineapple and pink grapefruit. Two of us were sure there was a banana note in there as well, but that's the joy of tasting coffee! It's the balance of sweetness, body and tropical fruit acidity that makes this a stunner.

We haven’t had a coffee from El Salvador for a long time, and so we were buzzing when our mate Howard from Olam Speciality brought along a few for us to taste. According to Howard, the view from the farm is one of the best in coffee lands, and he’s been around! I texted Howard to ask if there was any info about where this coffee was grown on the farm, and Fernando WhatsAppd these pics back!

This is the Loma Angosta tablon situated at 1400-1450 masl and is where this coffee is grown.

This lot’s varietal, Custcatleco, is known to produce a very tasty coffee when well managed and processed. Given that Jose Fernando Aguilar is the sixth generation to grow coffee at the farm, it's in safe hands.

We have consistently noticed that coffee from multi generational farms tends to be very good, as there is a powerful combination of professionalism and instinct as producers understand their environment, climate and biodiversity to contribute to the flavour potential.

Las Mercedes sits on the side of the San Salvador Volcano, overlooking San Salvador, El Salvodor’s capital city.

As well as being on the side of a volcano and overlooking the capital, Las Mercedes is surrounded by 100 hectares of nature reserve including a remarkable ‘mini rainforest’ with a noticeable temperature drop as you reach the very highest coffee areas. This micro climate provides great potential for exceptional coffee.

Given the importance of the preservation of the forest, the Aguilar family, in conjunction with a local NGO, have two park rangers that look after the protected natural forest year-round.
Coffee grown in forests always has the potential to be special, being its natural habitat and where it originated.,

The Aguilars work with a mill nearby to ferment and process the coffee, utilising a method of optical sorting, 12 hour fermentations and sun drying for around 14 days on clay patios.

Brew Recipes

Filter - Clever Dripper

  • 20g of coffee
  • 340ml of water just off the boil
  • 2 minute steep
  • 2 minute draw down (4 minute total brew time)

We tasted red apple and Werther’s caramel sweetness, citrus notes and a milk chocolate finish.


  • 19.5g dose
  • 42.5ml out
  • 28 second shot time

We tasted bright, juicy and super sweet. Flavours red apples and light caramel combine to create flavours of toffee apples followed by a silky milk chocolate finish.