How to Choose Your Coffee

There is a coffee for everyone!

A rich comforting coffee, a medium roasted all day easy drinker or something complex and intriguing, we have something delicious for you to brew.
We roast the coffee to draw out its natural characteristics, so you can taste the coffee and where its from.

Our roast levels: 

Light Medium Roast:   Citrus, floral and complex flavours. 

Medium Roast: Chocolate or caramel sweetness with berry or nutty characteristics. 

Medium Dark Roast::   Full bodied and Rich 

Loveshack: Medium Roast

Medium body, with soft berry sort of flavours, balanced by a sweetness that makes it really easy drinking, but also full of satisfying juicy and or nutty flavours. 

Find Loveshack Coffees Here

Chateau 76: Light Medium Roast

These are light and elegant coffees. The fruit element tends to be more citrus or floral. This is balanced by a structured complex sweetness and a body that ranges from light to medium and creamy. 


Find Chateau 76 Coffees Here

 Crazyhorse: Medium or Light Medium Roast

These coffees have big fruit flavours,  balanced by sweetness and body thus incredibly appealing. Heavy, boozy and intense aromas and heavy sweetness in the cup. 

Find Crazyhorse Coffees Here

 Mystere et Prestige: Medium Dark Roast

Rich, heavy and full bodied coffee, the Mystere coffees have big full body and a hefty satisfying sweetness. Perfect as espresso, stove top or French press. Dark medium roast. An all day easy drinker, but always with nuance and character.

Find Mystere et Prestige Coffee Here 

House Blends: Medium Dark Roast

Barnraiser: The blend we supply to many of Manchester's top cafes and bars, there is plenty of sweet chocolate body and a hint of complexity. Designed as an espresso, it also makes a perfect comfort coffee for any brew method. 


60/40: So called for its components of 60% Brazil and 40% India, this is as close to the dark side as we get. Pushed a little further in the roast, these coffees together deliver a coffee with big body and loads of chocolate sweetness. 

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