We really like coffee. We really really do. For me and Sean, this means we get a lot of satisfaction from helping people who want to serve really good coffee too! For us, that starts with meticulously cupping coffees then selecting and roasting to offer you something that we are really excited by, that you can in turn be excited to offer your customers. 

Whether you are after a house blend and want a deep full bodied chocolate style espresso such as Barnraiser, or something more fruity and sweet like the Heart and Graft espresso, or perhaps a single origin as a guest filter or espresso, we have some very tasty options!

We're slightly obsessed with looking for coffees and roast profiles that create something yummy that keep people coming back for more. You can come and try for yourself of course, experience the flavours and let us be all bouncy at you about coffee!

I (James) have many years of setting up and managing coffee bars and training staff (ie, we feel your pain!) and Sean has taught lots of coffee training courses, so we have the sort of hands on experience you can draw on to help you choose your coffee equipment set up, whether you are looking to upgrade or starting a new business.

We can provide full barista training to suit your needs and offer as much involvement into the world of roasting and brewing coffee as you can handle! The roastery is designed as a place to come and hang out, learn and deepen your coffee knowledge. We have a full training bar for you to come and learn and practice all you like.



We are proud to be able to offer La Marzocco espresso machines, as they have made loads of innovations since the 1930's to help baristas brew top notch espresso and make it as easy as possible to engage customers. The Marzocco Linea Classic was a key part of the resurgence of specialty coffee in the early nineties in the US as it offered unrivalled temperature stability and reliabilty. In 2013 the Linea PB was launched, taking this stability but also building in features that allow for the barista to draw out flavour and do espresso very very well. These machines, together with the right grinder, coffee and skills can truly take your coffee offer to the next level

Jason Matthews our machine guy, is a bit of a legend in coffee circles. He's installed, serviced, repaired reconditioned or resuscitated just about every espresso machine Ive ever heard of. He gets as excited about pistons and solenoid valves as we do about a sexy new micro lot of coffee! As well as La Marzocco, we also work with Jay to supply a range of SV Italia machines and grinders which are a great entry level machine, easy to maintain and nice to use. As with all the other stuff, please get in touch for more info and prices.




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