Chateau 76: Ethiopia Bonde Kochere

  • Chateau 76: Ethiopia Bonde Kochere
  • Chateau 76: Ethiopia Bonde Kochere
  • Chateau 76: Ethiopia Bonde Kochere
Region Kochere
Farms 884 Small Holders
Variety Heirloom
MASL / Altitude 1800 - 2100
Process Washed
Tasting Notes Chamomile, Butterscotch, Kumquat


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What a coffee! This stunning multi layered, incredibly well structured coffee is an absolute prime example of the Chateau 76 archetype, both elegant and satisfying.

If you are a fan of complex, floral and sweet coffees, then this Ethiopian beauty is for you. The washed process allows all those tasty flavours to shine, in a supremely balanced cup. If you are new to brewing coffee, or never tried an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, you will find some remarkable flavours in this bag of potential!

We scored it 92.5 out of 100, which is one of the highest scores we’ve given a coffee. The joy is real. 

It's the balance and clarity of this coffee that make it a star. We tasted it six days after roasting and it has opened out beautifully.You’re hit simultaneously with chamomile and orange blossom flavours carried on butterscotch and cocoa nib sweetness. It's like a perfectly made classic cocktail, with the floral hoppy citrus acidity, butterscotch sweetness and structured medium body lighting up your palate in one slurp. This balance makes for an excellent espresso or filter brew. 

There's always a connection to the heart of coffee history with coffees from South East Ethiopia, as arabica originates from its Montane forests. Coffees from the Kochere region around Yirgacheffe have been held in special regard by coffee lovers for hundreds of years. The nutrient rich soil and hundreds of wild coffee varietals provide us with a coffee bursting with potential flavours to get at in the roast. 

The coffee is grown between 1800 and 2100 metres, the cool temperatures allowing those precious cherries to grow and ripen slowly, intensifying the concentration of nutrients and sweetness, resulting in all that wonderful complexity in the cup. These dense beans are packed with compounds and sugars, so we give it lots of energy at the start of the roast starts to unlock the magic, then ease back to draw out all that sweetness. 

But as always that's just the start of the coffee's journey. 884 small holders contribute the cherries to the Bonde Kochere mill, picking from their own gardens, plantations, and traditionally allocated sections of coffee forest. 

These producers then take their coffee cherries to the Bonde Kochere mill, which forms part of a network operated by Kerchanshe Trading, a PLC set up by Israel Degfa in 2014. This man is blazing a trail through Ethiopian coffee trading, and Kerchanshe is set on bringing fairness and transparency to the value chain, as well as improving access to training, certifications and infrastructure. 

It's deeply comforting as roasters that people like Israel and his team at Kerchanshe are taking hold of coffee’s most precious origin. The work they are doing is a phenomenal combination of investing in arabica coffee’s legacy and its future, all found in Ethiopia’s ancient coffee forests and the people who have harvested it for hundreds of years. By buying and brewing this coffee, you become part of that history. 


Brew Recipes

Filter -Clever Dripper

  • 24g of coffee
  • 340ml of water just off the boil
  • 4:30 minute brew time

  1. Fold the edges of the filter paper and place into the clever dripper.
  2. Rinse the paper with hot water to remove any papery taste and to heat up your brewer.
  3. Discard the water used to rinse and preheat. 
  4. Add the ground coffee and give the brewer a gentle shake to settle the grounds 
  5. Quickly pour in all the hot water. 
  6. Let the coffee and water steep for two minutes. 
  7. At two minutes gently stir the coffee slurry, then place the Clever dripper onto your Mug/carafe. This is the “draw down”. The “draw down” should take another two minutes, giving you a total brew time of four minutes.


Clean and juicy with flavours of honeysuckle, chamomile , and clementine. 


  • 19g dose
  • 45ml out
  • 28 second shot time

We tasted honeysuckle, kumquat, light caramel, milk chocolate and hops.