Colombia Tolima Sugar Cane Decaff

Region Tolima
Farm/Coop Regional Groups
Altitude 1500-2100 MASL
Variety Colombia, Caturra
Process Sugar Cane Process

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Love coffee but not the caffeine? Don't you worry we've got your back intrepid coffee explorer!

The Sugar Cane decaffeination process is one of the most gentle and flavour preserving ways of decaffeinating coffee beans. This lets the natural flavours of the coffee shine through, giving an excellent cup profile.

Locally grown sugar cane is harvested and fermented to produce Ethyl Acetate. This natural by product of the fermentation allows for an exceptionally gentle decaffeination process, with little to no loss of the original coffees flavour profile.  The decaffeination also takes place in Colombia, rather than the coffee being shipped to an American or European decaffeination plant. This vertical integration of locally grown coffee, locally produced sugar cane and a locally situated decaffeination plant means that the coffee undergoes less food miles than some other decaff coffees would traditionally have to. Another benefit of this integration is that more money is kept at origin for investment in the local economy. Plus it tastes fantastic so everyone is a winner!

Regional groups in Tolima gather together large enough lots of speciality grade beans to decaffeinate this in large batches; with an emphasis on sweetness and clean cup being crucial to the criteria for those coffees chosen to be processed. The result is a deliciously sugary, toffee like cup profile backed up with milk chocolate and candied nut notes.

 Heart and Graft Recipe Book:

Colombia Tolima Sugar Cane Decaff


Dose: 18 grms

Yield: 36 grms

Time: 30 secs

Flavours we found: Flavours of Toffee, Sweet Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar and Sweet Candied Orange Rind


Brew Method: Clever Dripper

Dose: 23 grms 

Brew water: 345 grms

Time: 3.00 mins

Flavours we found: Flavours of Golden Sultana, Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Candied Nuts