Crazyhorse: D.R. Congo Hutwe Natural

  • Crazyhorse: D.R. Congo Hutwe Natural
  • Crazyhorse: D.R. Congo Hutwe Natural
Region Kirumba, Nord-Kivu
Farm 625 Small Holders
Variety Bourbon
MASL / Altitude 1580-1900
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Peach, Black Tea, Butter


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Our newest rendition of the ever popular Crazyhorse is another D.R. Congo from the Virunga Coffee Company. A blind tasting of a huge range of samples from the Virunga guys we conducted a while ago gave us no choice but to choose two standout coffees. One of these was the Katanda Microlot which you should totally click on and check out along side our second D.R. Congo coffee this year. That second one is the Hutwe Natural Microlot.

We choose Crazyhorse based on very loose criteria, often falling into 3 main stream of thought. 

1. Is it delicious coffee?

2. Will this coffee cause discussion and debate at a tasting?

3. Is it unique, unusual or just downright wacky?

Hutwe checks these boxes in spades. Up front you've got delicious notes of just ripe peaches; backed up with a lovely complex edge of savoury black tea. All of this is tied together with a lush, velvety butter mouthfeel. This one is a belter and unusual as it's not obscenely fruity like many naturals. It's unique character is that it is so clean, so crisp and so downright complex that it'll keep you guessing a little.