Crazyhorse: Ethopian Chelelektu

  • Crazyhorse: Ethopian Chelelektu
  • Crazyhorse: Ethopian Chelelektu
Mill Chelelektu Mill, Managed by Legese Kebede
Region Chelelektu Kebel, Kochere District
Farm 650 farmers, 2 ha average farm size
Variety Indigenous Heirloom Varietals
MASL / Altitude 1900 - 2100
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Blueberry, Strawberry, Caramel


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(This description starts with a mini rant...feel free to skip a couple of paragraphs to go straight to a description of the coffee!) 
I don't like doing the cool thing because it's the cool thing to do. There is an annoying tendency in speciality coffee for people to want to be seen to know what the coolest coffee is, to know about a coffee that exemplifies those characteristics that have come to be most prized.  For some reason, this seems to be particularly driven by fruit driven coffees, with lots of front end acidity and perhaps some floral characteristics. To this end a couple of years ago, to be a speciality coffee roaster and run with the cool kids, you had to have an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, either washed or natural process.
But we’re stubborn...No. We won't do that, thank you. We steer our own ship and will not be influenced by what is seen to be the thing to do! No way.
So, a couple of years ago, when Sean and I were heading over to cup some Rwandan coffees over at Schluters (African coffee importer legends) and they happened to also be cupping some Yirgacheffe naturals, I was reluctant. Because I knew what would happen. They'd be stunning. And then we'd have to buy some, and that wouldnt be fair to our anti-cool principles!! And lo...they were soooo good. Just oozing strawberry charm and elegance that is pretty much unbeatable. The natural process coffee from Kochere mill was our favourite from the various mills around Yirgacheffe on offer that day, and in a blind cupping at the end of last year, so it was again. This one being tied even closer to its origin, in that this is from the mill at Chelelektu, in the Kochere district.
So I'm going to describe how it comes across to me...
There is a such an ease by which this coffee carries its complexity. It's a natural process so as you'd expect its very fruit forward, but its also elegant, not tooo bonkers. Just enough bonkers! Yes there is that there is that much prized strawberry and blueberry acidity, but it's beautifully balanced by its sweetness, Also it has suuuch a delicious body. It's somehow both light and heavy! It has a looong finish, those fruit notes lingering long on the palate minutes after its been drunk. But it's that body thats the clincher, all that fruit sweetness is made effortless and elegant because of the viscosity...its like a duvet of strawberry creaminess! As such, it'll pull beautifully as an espresso, plenty of body and sweetness to go at. We love it as a filter, all those fruity nuances really come alive with a few minutes to let them draw down into the cup.
Ask any coffee roaster their favourite origin, and a Yirgacheffe will be in the top 5. This coffee is fine example of why thats always the case!