Chateau 77: D.R Congo - Katanda

  • Chateau 77: D.R Congo - Katanda
  • Chateau 77: D.R Congo - Katanda
 Region Isale, Nord-Kivu
Farm 347 Small Holders
Variety Bourbon
MASL / Altitude 1520 - 1780 
Process Fully Washed
Tasting Notes Raspberry, Sweet Rhubarb, Sherbet
H&G Espresso Recipe 18g dose, 36g out in 32 seconds

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Confession time. When I fancy an elegant, fruity but balanced and sweet coffee, my brain doesn't automatically go to Democratic Republic of Congo. Now, this is daft for two reasons. First the DRC Busoronghi we had a couple of years ago was a killer and beaut espresso. Second there is so much tasty coffee grown around Lake Kivu, which the border between DRC and Rwanda runs straight through... the terroir and climate is pretty much perfect for growing sweet complex coffee. We have an ongoing love in with Rwandan coffee from pretty much the same area, so of course the earth on the DRC side of the Lake is just as full of rich potential as those on the Eastern side.

The other reason (OK...three reasons!) is coffee import legends Schluter, now the speciality arm of Olam in UK who have done some incredible work in the area, setting up Virunga Coffee Company in 2012. Virunga is made up of 5 washing stations, works with thousands of coffee smallholders in providing education in agronomy and processing and have obtained organic certification for farmers in Isale and parts of Kirumba. They have planted 400,000 seedlings to distribute to farmers. They have also built roads and bridges to help facilitate the coffee being exported, as the infrastructure had been pretty chaotic. Jeez. As I write that is kind of humbling to understand all the work that has been done to bring us this coffee.

Soooo...this washed coffee from the Katanda washing station, used by 347 small holders using organic methods,  tastes like many beautiful things! There is raspberry, sweet rhubarb and sherbet all balanced by a very satisfying caramel body. The body and sweetness comes through well as a filter, but its an absolute dream of an espresso. 18g in 36 out in 32 seconds gives us burst of sweet rasberry on the first sip, along with a mouth coating viscosity. This then settles back into a beautifully balanced shot, the rasberry note accompanied by rhubarb sweetness and milk chocolate and caramels. Through milk, those flavours all carry through, with a rich taste of vanilla.

It’s an absolute dream and we're so very proud to have it available for you!