Ethiopia Sidamo Decaff

Region Sidamo
MASL / Altitude 1800-2000
Process Washed/CO2 Decaffeination
Tasting Notes Limoncello, Caramel, Raspberry


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Ethiopia is one of our favourite countries for buying coffee from. The coffees from here have an elegance and florality that is unparalleled in the coffee universe. The romance of Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee also brings a warm fuzzy to old coffee roasters hearts!

We came across this coffee slightly by chance and thought, that's just a tasty tasty decaff! From the Nensebo washing station in Sidamo it has all the deliciousness and qualities you would expect of a great washed Ethiopian coffee, obviously minus the caffeine!

On espresso this one shines through like a bright little diamond. Big hits of limoncello and raspberry cut across the palate in swathes. A hint of caramel sweetness in the finish and a lovely light florality tie this one together nicely. We use the recipe below on espresso:

18g in: 40g out: Brewed in 32-35 seconds. 

On filter this one is very similar in profile and taste to the espresso. The lemony rindy limoncello note kicks through still and the raspberry is a softer more ripe note. There's the lightest dusting of cocoa on the palate and the finish has a lovely soft floral elegance. We use the recipe below on our sage precision brewer gold setting:

66g/Litre of water, , Pour into a warmed mug! Enjoy!