Loveshack: Costa Rica Sonora Natural

  • Loveshack
  • Costa Rica Sonora Natural
Region Carrillos Altos De Poas, Alajeula
Farm Hacienda Sonora
Variety Red Catuai
MASL / Altitude 1200 - 1300
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Honey, Tinned Peaches, Red Apple


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Loveshack is back!

Sonora Sonora. What a beauty this one is. We love roasting Costa Rican coffee. No matter what profile you end up going with one thing is always prevalent. Ginormous sweetness levels.

This one is no exception. The Guardia family have been farming Finca Sonora for around 50 years and the operation is still family run. Their persistence and dedication to quality and consistency in everything coffee related has seen their coffee quality improve year on year. We bought this lot after cupping it on a blind cupping table of 25-30 other samples. 

Massively sweet, medium bodied and just all round juicy. That's the Loveshack way. 

Honeyed sweetness gives way into tinned peaches sweetness that then gives way into red apple sweetness. 

You get the picture right? It's so so so so sweet.