Miriam Perez Black Honey Microlot

  • Miriam Perez Black Honey Microlot
  • Miriam Perez Black Honey Microlot
Region Marcala, Honduras
Farms Finca Clave De Sol,
MASL / Altitude 1300 - 1560
Process Black Honey
Tasting Notes Dark Fruit, Jammy, Cocoa 


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For the first time, the awesome coffee pioneer Miriam Perez has produced three different processes. The original natural process, a black honey and a red honey. 

Even though they are from the same farm and coffee cherries, These coffees all have their own distinctive flavours, because after picking they have been processed in three different ways

This black honey process is rich with jammy fruit flavours, cocoa and fabulous heady note of lavender. Its a big bodied sticky sweet coffee that makes an excellent espresso and goes with milk incredibly well. 

Miriam processes her coffee cherries on her farm, which gives her an instinctive understanding of the best way of processing them, cultivating coffee in harmony with nature. 

More details in our little recipe book at the end


The effect of soaking and drying the coffee cherries in different ways changes the flavour the coffee 

>>>If you want a bit more technical info on how the coffees are proceesed, here's a description of the process from Miriam:<<<








The honey coffee process begins at the time of harvesting the coffee, it is here that the cherries are selected once they are 100% ripe. After finishing the harvesting process, the cherries are placed in raised bed under shade to extract some damaged beans."

Then the ripe cherries (colour like red wine) are placed in a tank filled with water, in that way the cherries are hydrolysed overnight, from around 3 in the afternoon until the next morning. After this time the wet cherries are deposited in clean bags and placed in the pulper hopper to be de-pulped.

After de-pulping the beans, they are left in the fermentation tank for 24 hours and once they are fermented,  




 "They are transferred to the solar dryer, patios or under shade to be dried from 8-12 days (this depending on the weather). Once the coffee is dried to an 11 to 12.5 % of moisture content, it is packed in bags and stored in our warehouse at the farm, ready for the export preparation and shipment as agreed by the by our coop."

This is the magnificent work done before the coffee is sent to us for roasting, it's where the flavour comes from, that we roast and you brew!

Heart and Graft Recipe Book



Espresso based on a Sage barista pro which brews at 9 bars with up to 18grm basket. 


Dose: 19 grms

Yield: 38 grms

Time: 25 secs

Flavours we found:  Stone fruits, Peach Pie and Dark Chocolate.

Lavender Aromas and a buttery body. When drunk through milk, it tastes like you're drinking a Quality Street!


For this coffee, we’ve brewed on an Aeropress

Dose: 16 grms

Brew Water :200 grms

Time: 2.00 secs

Flavours we found: Flavours of  Gummy Bears and Cocoa, crisp and bright with Lavender aromas