Miriam Perez Natural Microlot

  • Miriam Perez Natural Microlot
  • Miriam Perez Natural Microlot
Region Maracala, Honduras
Farms Clave De Sol
MASL / Altitude 1300 - 1560
Process Natural
Tasting Notes Mulled wine, Rum & Raisin, Candied Orange


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Miriam Perez is a  fourth generation coffee farmer, a women's rights activist, pioneer of bio-dynamic farming and the Fair Trade representative for Central America.

The natural process coffee she produces is such a boozy, fruity and sweet coffee, its incredibly distinctive and is a favourite of ours either as espresso or filter, and its a wonderful coffee for you to enjoy at home.

There is a real sense of tasting the place with this coffee, it really tastes like somewhere warm and abundant and beautiful! 

Miriam is one of the founders of the awesome COMSA coop in Marcala, Honduras. They have been teaching and demonstrating organic farming techniques for twenty years and now have over 1500 farmers farming organically or making the transition. All the organic fertiliser is produced by COMSA recycling waste produced in processing coffee and using natural microorganisms from the local area. Its a beautiful thing!


We were buzzing when she came to visit us in Manchester last year 

Not only an awesome coffee farmer, but part of our coffee family,  one you are part of when you brew it.


The Heart and Graft Recipe Book: Miriam Perez Natural


Espresso based on a Sage barista pro which brews at 9 bars with up to 18grm basket. 

Dose: 18 grms

Yield: 36 grms

Time: 31 secs

Flavours we found:

Candied Orange, Blood Orange and Love Hearts.

Loads of body, rich and packed with sweetness.


For this coffee, we’ve brewed on an aeropress

Brew Method: Aeropress

Dose: 14g

Brew Water: 200g

Time: 2.00

Flavours we found: Jaffa Orange, Wild Honey and Raisins