Mystere et Prestige: Bener Meriah

  • Mystere et Prestige: Bener Meriah
  • Mystere et Prestige: Bener Meriah
 Region Tingkem, Aceh
Farmers 400
Variety Typica, Red Caturra, HDT
MASL / Altitude 1100-1450 MASL
Process Giling Basah
Tasting Notes Stewed Plums, Liquorice, Sweet Spice


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At H&G HQ we love Indonesian coffees. When they are good they are unique and have characterful taste profiles. We particularly adore the coffees from the island of Sumatra. Their taste is truly iconic. Ludicrously heavy bodied, rebellious and unapologetic. If you want a light and delicate bean, with clean acidity and medium body then you are in the wrong place. If you want a coffee with mad amounts of spice complexity and a mouthfeel that will last forever then come this way.

The Bener Mariah farmer group is made up of 400 farmers who produce one of the best Sumatran coffees we have ever had the privilege to roast. The soil in Bener Mariah Regency is perfect for coffee growing; with rich volcanic nutrients ever present plus a mixture of sand, clay and silt deposits to add further minerality and vibrancy to the growing medium. Farmers in Sumatra tend to farm small lots of coffee and pool these together at the beginning, middle and end of the harvest season to make larger lots. These are then sold as grouped lots under a brand name, just like Bener Mariah do.

In the cup this one is an absolute monster. Up front is a lovely stewed plum acidity, a rare attribute in a Sumatran coffee. This is backed up by a huge body that coats the palate with a stunning level of depth. All this is rounded off by a finish of sweet spices, think cinnamon and nutmeg. There are just too many flavours to manage to put onto this tiny label. Our tasting table was awash with the team shouting out multiple flavours ranging from fermented tangerine to rolling tobacco. Give it a try and see what you think, we'd love to hear what flavours you uncover.