Chateau 77: Rwanda Ruhango

  • Chateau 77: Rwanda Ruhango
  • Chateau 77: Rwanda Ruhango
 Region Ruhango District, Southern Province
Farm 650 Farmers/Collectors at Ruhango Wet Mill
Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude (MASL) 1589
Process Wet Process
Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate, Baked Stone Fruit, Allspice


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This coffee does that thing that Rwandan coffees do sooo very aroma that offers up a lush combination of sweet stewed spiced apple and milk the creamy chocolate hits you first, then that undercurrent of spiced apple drifts up just behind it.

Having two Rwandans in the roastery Is a fab way of understanding how altitude contributes to flavour, the higher grown Mugonero has a higher, more pronounced acidity, whereas the Ruhango, still pretty high at just under 1600 MASL has that more laid back baked fruit. There is a lovely creamy body that underlies all that tasty, giving a very satisfying cup, with a full mouthfeel and then that gentle spiced apple, and a cocoa finish. The classic bourbon complexity brings it all together so very well!

Its a cracking heavy moka pot or french press brew, and also makes a beaut espresso, if you like the big cocoa with a hint of fruit type shot...who doesn't!