The Barnraiser Collection

Barnraiser Brazil Monte Carmelo
India Melkodige Estate
Honduras Serendipia
250g 250g 250g 250g
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Back to where it all began for Heart & Graft! Barnraiser is a special coffee very close to our hearts. Our house blend has been powering Manchester and beyond for years. The ethos of the blend is simple; bringing together fantastic coffees that work in harmony to give a beautiful chocolate, browned sugar and nutty cup profile. 

The Barnraiser collection is a unique collection for those who want to dig into the detail of tasting and discovering coffee flavour profiles and what goes into constructing a coffee blend. Alongside a 250g bag of the blend itself each collection contains the 3 elements of the blend separately roasted on their own. This allows you to assess why each element has been chosen, what it brings to the blend and to discover a new range of flavours that combine to make Barnraiser what it is. You could even have a go at blending your own mix, see what you come up with!

These 3 elements are all also available to purchase further bags individually if you decide you need more tasting samples! If you want to learn more about each coffee in depth follow the links below to find out more.

Loveshack Brazil Monte Carmelo

India Melkodige Estate

Honduras Serendipia