The Fruity Collection

Honduras Finca Cual Bicicleta
Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora
Honduras Miriam Perez Natural
250g 250g 250g
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Fruit forward coffees are an amazing thing. We all remember trying that first coffee that was a fruit monster. That burst of intense fruit flavour just takes your breath away; how can coffee taste like fruit, coffees coffee right. It tastes like coffee right?

We have assembled a collection of our wildest and most fruit heavy coffees. Each collection will contain 3x250g bags of coffees that explores the complexity and fruit juiciness that we adore in so many coffees. The rotation may change every so often as we come across new coffees to enjoy but rest assured that each one will have a fantastic fruit forward profile that is sure to blow your socks off.

If you want to read more in depth about each coffee, or grab more bags of a particular one follow the links below!


This edition contains: